- how to choose your image
image format & quality


Clear and Sharp Images.

Ideally your faces(s) should occupy the whole photo unless you are after a full body shot.
But don't worry if it doesn't as the image can be cropped.

Try to choose photos that work best with your selected design.

If in doubt send as many photos as you like and we’ll help you to choose the best ones that work for your chosen design.

We carry out basic improvement to your photos completely free. Thing such as such as blemish removal, color correcting, date removal and cropping free of charge.

**The quality of the print** will only be as good as the image that you supply**
**Please read this page carefully**



Image format should be in format of *.JPG or *.TIFF

When taking photos using a digital camera always set camera on the highest resolution for the best quality prints.

When sending images never reduce the size.

When sending images never reduce the size.

If you have a hotmail or yahoo email account, these accounts tend to automatically reduce the file size for email, which is not good for good quality end print results. If you have one of these account, please either send your images from another email account or upload them to and put the send to email address as, and the from email address is your email address.

If scanning please scan at a minimum of 300dpi up to 600dpi for high quality.

you can post your photo for us to scan.
Please note:
we can't be held responsible for photos lost in the post, so please make sure you have copies of any photos you send us. We strongly advise using registered post and stiff, "do not bend" envelopes.
All DVD, CD’s, Photos, etc. supplied should be disposable - we do not take responsibility for returning these.
You may request to have these items returned but there will be additional charges for postage.